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Everything you need to go from beginner to pro!

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Beginner Flight

Never been on an electric surf board that hovers a metre above the water? Had a go on an eFoil and want to improve your skills? The Beginner Flight course for you!

2 hours packs in everything you need to successfully take your first flight. 

Starts with an on-shore safety brief and the basic instructions on how to use the board. Once on the water, you'll get comfortable going around on your tummy. The whole time in contact with our experienced eFoil instructor.

Next step is getting you onto your knees and cruising at steady speed. If you're feeling confident, our instructor will guide you to raise onto the foil so you get your first taste of flight.

Final stage for those who are ready is to stand up and experience the sensation of flying over the ocean. Practising touch and goes to increase your familiarity and time flying.

Unforgettable careful you don't start daydreaming about it!

Dedicated board per person.

Advanced Flight

You've tried the Beginner Flight and now you can't stop thinking about gliding effortlessly above the sea. You can get to standing and on the foil with ease, now you want to learn how to carve!

The Advanced Flight course is the next step on your journey. Our experienced eFoil instructor will tailor the coaching to your specific needs. During this course we will teach you to carve in both directions, complete figure of 8s and even put your feet over the front of the board!

Dedicated board per person.


Just You

Prefer to have one on one coaching? Book a Just You course. We will tailor this to your skill level and what you would like to develop next. All of the content covered in the Beginner Flight or Advanced Flight is ready for learning.

Dedicated board per person.

Parallel Lines

Freedom Flight

Just want to do your own thing and experience the freedom eFoiling can bring, then the Freedom Flight is perfect for you. You can get practice in, venture on a smaller board and even try a different wing to add an extra dimension to your eFoiling experience.

This course is only available for experienced riders who have completed one of our courses and our instructors deem you competent.

Dedicated board per person.

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Wave Flight

Surf's up baby! This one is for the pros.

Get ready to carve onto the face of waves and experience how much lift you get with the tiniest of swells with the Wave Flight course. You'll never look at the sea the same way after this everywhere!

For the ultimate experience, we combine high aspect wings with the folding prop for the longest glides'll forget that you have eFoil power on demand! Cruise into your chosen wave, get on the face and then...BOOM! Drop the controller and cut the power and you are gliding on the wave energy alone.  When you run out of speed, hit the throttle and choose your next wave!

Only available to advanced riders.

Dedicated board per person.

Group Flight

Prefer to eFoil with your family or friends as a group, then the Group Flight is for you. Identical to the first half of the Beginner Flight course: the only difference here is that you will each get between 20 - 30 minutes ride time on the board instead of the 80 - 90 minutes you get on the Beginner Flight course. Massive fun as you watch each others progress and see who can stand first!

One eFoil board per 3 people.

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